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empty spaces (2022) - portrait album released on Sawyer Editions

Available here

album cover.jpg

Featuring performances by:

James Beauton, percussion

Kyle Adam Blair, piano

Erik Carlson, violin

Madison Greenstone, clarinets

Myra Hinrichs, violin

Peter Ko, cello

Michael Matsuno, bass flute

"[a] minimalist gem" - Peter Margasak

spaces, between (2020-22)

Directed by Lydia Winsor Brindamour

Concept by Lydia Winsor Brindamour

Music by Lydia Winsor Brindamour

Video and projection design by Elizabeth Barrett

Sound design by Stewart Blackwood

Performed by:

Kyle Adam Blair, piano

Andrew McIntosh, violin

Myra Hinrichs, violin

Alex Taylor, viola

Charles Curtis, cello

Matt Kline, double bass

(of the) ether (2019)

Kyle Adam Blair, piano

Myra Hinrichs, violin

Peter Ko, cello

the empty room (ii) (2018)

Carlos Cordeiro, clarinet

Julia Glenn, violin

a thin line between (2018-19)

James Beauton, tam-tam

the empty room (i) (2017)

Marco Ignoti, bass clarinet

Giorgio Casati, cello

through a mist, lightly (2016)

Michael Matsuno, bass flute

Madison Greenstone, bass clarinet

T.J. Borden, cello

Matt Kline, bass

Johannes Regnier, spatialization

pale, pale light (2015)

Ashley Cutright, mezzo-soprano

James Beauton, gong

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